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Consider This...Make up your mind, Governor


Fires have taken a major toll on Texas. Wildfires have destroyed two million acres of property in 252 counties across the state.

Volunteer firemen near and far are to be commended for their hard work and sacrifice. And so far, response from the state has been prompt and effective.

And Texas is doing this without the help that would come with a disaster declaration from the president. In fact, Governor Rick Perry is now publicly accusing the president of neglecting Texas.

Consider this:

Isn't this the same governor who has a very public history of refusing help from Washington? Isn't this the same governor who is promoting a book called ‘Fed Up"?

Isn't this the same governor who has hinted about removing Texas from the union, claiming self reliance? Now he is on TV and radio saying Texas is being singled out and mistreated by Washington democrats?

I won't argue whether or not Texas needs the help. But at some point, this governor needs to make up his mind. If you're going to blast the feds for involving themselves in Texas business, then don't complain about it when they oblige.

I fear the governor's partisan campaign against everything Washington has finally caught up with him. And this time he hasn't done Texas any favors.

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