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Court records show Bradley's extensive violent past

Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office
Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Office

More details are being uncovered in George Bradley's extensive criminal background after he set his mother on fire and terrorized several teachers at Rise Academy Monday morning.

Bradley's criminal record begins in 1996 and ranges from multiple assaults, running from the law and drug charges. But it's a 2005 aggravated assault on a public servant charge that first spotlights Bradley's mental instability and his incompetency to stand trial.

Court records say Bradley attacked two officers with a knife on September 10, 2005. He was arrested but after receiving counsel, he was given a hearing to see if he was competent to stand trial. The judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation by a Lubbock psychologist in January of 2006.

The psychologist observed Bradley and states in the documents "Jail personnel reported episodes of violent and aggressive behavior in the past" and that the "defendant [Bradley] appeared depressed and reported suicidal ideation".

In that same report under the headline "Capacity to engage with legal counsel" the psychologist states Bradley is "significantly limited by mental illness". Further down it mentions he was prescribed an anti-psychotic medication but that he was non-compliant and that if Bradley were to take his medication "his behavior would be observably impacted."

The psychologist reported he felt medications were necessary for Bradley to attain competency, and in the end determined he was incompetent to stand trial at that time. The judge agreed and ordered Bradley for further evaluation to the Vernon State Hospital.

A few years later Bradley waived his rights pleading guilty, and being sentenced to five years in prison.

Going in and out Lubbock's Mental Health and Mental Retardation, MHMR, Bradley has several other assault charges including a Terroristic Threat in 1996.

In that case, Bradley was accused of repeatedly hitting his cousin on her head with a beer bottle. While police were questioning his cousin, they say Bradley started yelling that he was going to kill her. That case was later dismissed because of a previous felony conviction.

More recently in a November assault case, the victim says she was giving Bradley a ride and told police "he put his hand on my thigh and asked if I was scared" she went on to say that Bradley told her "if you give me what I want I won't hurt you".

The victim tried to get out of the car but he grabbed her and scratched her face before she could get away.

Just one week later, Bradley was again charged with assault after breaking a chair at Sunrise Canyon, a branch of MHMR, and using part of it to hit a man. He was sentenced 60 days in jail.

Bradley's criminal record has several other charges. Right now he remains behind bars on a $300,000 bail on attempted murder, aggravated assault, and attempted aggravated sexual assault charges.

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