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Fire Forces 12 from Home

"I just barely escaped," said Ronald Williams. He felt lucky Monday, even though he had to stare across the street and watch firefighters douse his smoking apartment. "I got out of there safely. I thank God for that," he said.

It started just after 2:30 in the afternoon. Ronald was in the bathroom. "The vent in the restroom smoked and I got out of there," he said.

Firefighters had the utility company cut the power after burnt wires posed a hazard. "We came down because we heard all the wires popping and didn't know if the fire was on this side or not," said resident Tracy Garcia.

JJ Melecio didn't even have time to grab a shirt. "I was in the shower, and I heard this banging," he said. His landlady was evacuating the building. "I was knocking on doors telling them to get out because there was a fire," said apartment manager Susan Guzman.

No injuries, and as of 6 p.m. Monday, investigators were still searching for a cause.

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