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Tech Tuition Set to Increase Again

Hunter Harris is a senior at Coronado High School. His mother, Jan Harris, is helping him pick out a college. Texas Tech is on his list.

"Different schools have different amounts," Jan said.

But when NewsChannel 11 told her about the $10 to $11 increase on Tech's $46 tuition, "I think it's a lot when you've already had an increase then turn around and have another. I understand their reasoning, but for the average person, that's a lot," she said.

Here's what the increase will do. Currently, tuition is $46 per credit hour. If the increase passes, the average school load of 13 hours, would cost $798 per semester. $130 more. And that's just for classes.

"Texas Tech doesn't have the highest cost institution in the state. So, Texas Tech is still a bargain even with the increase," said William Marcy, Tech Provost. Marcy says the money would help hire and retain more faculty for Tech's overgrown classrooms. Plus, Marcy says tech is placing more emphasis on financial aid and scholarship programs.

Marcy says he'll be paying more too, because he has a son attending Tech. "So do you pay for his school?" NC11 asked. "I sure do. I get to write the same check every parent gets to write and I've seen the increase and I understand and know how that feels," he told NC11.

And Jan, she's applying for scholarships for her son. "Well, we hope we get them!" she said.

Jan says her family does have some money saved up just in case.

Marcy says the increased tuition money will not go toward new buildings. Just on more faculty and financial aid.

Because of a deregulation bill that passed this year at the Legislature, Universities now can charge a maximum of $88 per credit hour. But most charge less.

The Board of Regents makes a decision this Friday

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