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Prostate Screening Could Save Your Life

Johnny Evans was 53 when I met him and grateful to be alive. When doctors found his Prostate Cancer, they told Johnny it was aggressive enough that it might have killed him in a year if he had not had surgery to remove the prostate.

This week, Covenant Hospital is again scheduling appointments for its annual prostate screening. The same appointment that changed Johnny's 10 years ago. When I asked Johnny if he credits that screening for saving his life, he set the record straight because he gives that credit to someone else, his wife.

Johnny says that the fact that his wife kept nagging him to be tested is the reason he is here today. If it had not been for his wife, he would have missed his grandchild.

Johnny is cancer free today and as often as he can, he encourages others, especially black men, to get checked for Prostate Cancer because the incidence is higher among African Americans. Covenant's annual prostate screening is a little different this year, it's a couples screening. With free prostate exams for the men, free breast exams for the women and free skin cancer checks for everyone.

The cancer screenings will be at Joe Arrington Cancer Center on Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., reservations are required. You can make an appointment for your free screenings at Joe Arrington Cancer Center. Just call (806) 725-7977.

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