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Lubbock family picks up the pieces after apartment fire

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Investigators with the Lubbock Fire Marshal's Office now know how a Friday night fire started. Fire Marshals say a young boy inside the apartment was playing with fire. The two alarm fire started around 9:30 Friday night near 50th and Knoxville. Janina Sanchez says, " If it wasn't for their dog, Chloe, their loss could have been tragic."

"Me and my little boy were watching TV in the living room and the dog started barking and I told my little son to go check what it is," Sanchez explains. "He got almost half of the stairs and said: Mommy the room is on fire! Mommy the room is on fire!"

Sanchez ran to the kitchen for a bucket of water. "I told my son get my cell phone and call 911! All the fire started coming fast" Sanchez explains about the scene. "When I opened the closet all the fire come to the window" Sanchez says when she realized the flames were unstoppable. She had to get her family out.

There was no time to grab shoes, as the family ran from the growing, dangerous flames. She and her two boys watched in socks as fire crews swarmed the Town Plaza Apartments. It was the smallest member of their family that Janina credits with their safe escape. 

"My dog! He's my savior! My little puppy's my savior, my Chihuahua, and my boy" Sanchez says. Chloe's loud warning ensured Janina and her sons found safety.

"All the clothes for my boys are already burned, I worry about my boys' rooms" Sanchez says, crying. She stayed strong as she realized how much her family had lost to the flames. The only description Janina could give of their home now is: black. "I have faith and everything and there's a reason why" Sanchez said.

The Fire Marshall's Office says crews were able to keep the fire from spreading to other apartments. The Sanchez family is making arrangements to move what is left of their belongings into another apartment.

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