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Technology Takes the Ultrasound to a New Level

Seeing your baby move in an ultrasound is one of the most exciting moments during a pregnancy. A new company is cashing in on that.

The idea that the mother-to-be and daddy too would like a better glimpse and longer preview time is what led to the birth of a new company called Fetal Fotos.

Already this chain has 15 siblings across the country. It's a sonogram in a store that lets you take home a 10 minute ultrasound video set to music with two and three dimensional images of your baby. While parents say this video's a big hit, some doctors are concerned that this is just a keepsake not a medical procedure.

Dr. Steven Curry says he's concerned Fetal Fotos may spot potential problems and not be equipped to counsel concerned parents. Fetal Foto makes it clear to customers that this is just for fun not for diagnosis.

But Dr. Curry says there are many OB-Gyns who agree this technology should not be used for entertainment purposes. At any rate, there are 15 Fetal Fotos locations across the country, but only one in Texas and that's in Frisco, which is just north of Dallas.

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