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Protect Yourself From the Flu

It's October, which means time to enjoy fall colors, Halloween, and football -- or time to anguish over allergies and fight the flu.

No matter how you look at fall, the Lubbock Health Department is hoping you'll answer the call and get a flu shot because the virus is expected to be especially strong this year.

Becky Brawley, from the Lubbock Health Department, says that there's going to be more flu this year and people need to get the flu shot as soon as its available.

She adds that a Flu shot can protect you from a serious illness. People who get the flu can become ill with pneumonia, become hospitalized, and there are still flu deaths every year.

Infants and people over 65 are first priority for flu shots, but everyone is encouraged to get one. The good news is that this year there is plenty of the vaccine to go around.

If you are ill or have a fever, you'll need to wait until you recover to get that shot. The only people who cannot ever get a flu shot are those who are allergic to eggs.

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