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The Ready Roller: Does It Work?

Forget about the roller and pan...make room for the Ready Roller. It's designed to hold up to a quart of paint inside the roller. Your package comes with two rollers, a paint pourer, and a resting tray all for $15 bucks.

We took our test to a home where a baby's room needs painting. This is how it works: you unscrew one end of the roller and you pour your choice of paint inside the roller. The makers say thinner paints work better, so we're using a water base paint for this test. Screw the lid back on and we're in business. "You can see the paint coming through," said NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy.

The roller became immediately saturated as I began painting. One thing I noticed, it can get a little heavy because of the quart of paint that is in the chamber. But I kept painting and painting. Things are going well. "It is nice to not have to keep bending over and dipping you roll in the pan and picking yourself up," Cecelia said.

Then a near tragedy almost occurred. The lid came off and a little bit of paint splattered on another wall. So I put the lid back on, and made sure it was really tight.

I finished the whole wall with only one minor incident. And guess what? I never had to fill it once. As for clean was a snap! Roll out your cash, because the Ready Roller is a product worth purchasing! It Works!

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