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Big Game Weekend Means Big Business for Lubbock Economy

This weekend's match-up between Texas Tech and Texas A&M means big business. In fact, barring May graduation, the biannual showdown in Lubbock generates more money than any other weekend of the year.

At the Holiday Inn Park Plaza on the South Loop, the receptionist kindly lets a customer know there is no vacancy this weekend, "No, I'm sorry sir, we're sold out for the A&M game." And it's not the only place in town booked solid.

We called every hotel in the Feist from A to F, and then we gave up. Not a single hotel room in the city on Saturday night. "We hate to turn guests away, but it's good to be full," says Holiday Inn General Manager, James Cunningham.

If you didn't think college football was a big deal in this town, think again. "Ching, Ching! It's the second most money flow weekend in our area in the entire year," says Lubbock Chamber of Commerce President Eddie McBride. McBride says from grocery stores to gas stations, even if our team loses, businesses will still win.

At Doc's Liquor store, it's only Wednesday and the afternoon rush is much busier this week than usual as people prepare for tailgating and football parties. It will be a big weekend for alcohol sales, but Doc's says there is no concern they'll run out of beer. The same however can't be said for beds.

If you're in the market for a hotel room, there were still some available in Brownfield, but don't even think about reserving a room in Post. They are not only accommodating football fans, but shoppers as well for this weekend's Old Mill trade days.

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