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Depot District Businesses Want Red Door Rubble Cleaned Up

The Depot District is a hot night spot in Lubbock. Business people often journey this way for lunch. But right in the middle of it all sits a fenced up and burned building.

The fire happened August 25th, around 5 a.m. It lit up the morning sky. One month later, the business, formally known as the Red Door, remains untouched and still brutally charred. "Everyone is real upset it happened and we'd like to move forward. We want people coming down here. We just want it (the mess) cleaned up," said Damon Richards, President of the Depot District Association.

Richards isn't the only one that feels that way. At least three more depot businesses are tired of seeing the burned rubble.

City codes supervisor, Peter Kern, says a letter of violation has been sent to Chayn Mousa, owner of the property. Kern says by law, Mousa has 30 days to reply. "If it's not corrected, if it's not repaired, we can go before the Structural Standards Commission and get an order," said Kern.

Kern says the commission could declare the building to be substandard and then the city can tear it down. Even then, Kern says it's a process that may take weeks, maybe months. "We would like to see this cleaned up sooner than later," said Richards.

In the meantime, Richards will concentrate on his newest project. He has plans to add more life to the Depot District, by building a Depot Alley. It's a project that's set to open soon. It will be a night walk patio area for patrons who go downtown to unwind.

The city code inspector did inspect the building after someone had complained about the mess. The inspector found 11 building violations. That's why the city sent a violation letter to the owner.

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