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LP&L Meter Readers Speak Out In Their Defense

Lubbock Power and Light meter readers say they are being scrutinized for a former worker's mistake. So on Thursday, all 12 meter readers held a news conference to speak out in their own defense.

"We had one man make a mistake now we are all taking the heat for it," said Rodney Par, an LP&L Meter Reader . "So we just wanted to let everyone know that we are reading our meters, that's what we do everyday." Par says he has been reading meters for over 20 years and hopes to regain the confidence of customers.

Last week, a meter reader was fired for estimating meter reads. Then a second meter reader was alleged to have done the same thing.

Meter Reader Barry Wright also wanted to point out that even though you may find dirt on your meter, that does not mean it hasn't been read.

LP&L is now dealing with more than 200 customers, who received extremely high bills. "We ask that you come in to this office and we'll work with you to work everything out," said LP&L Director, Carroll McDonald.

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