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A Sense of Relief for Friends of Putnam

Llano County Sheriff's Dept. Llano County Sheriff's Dept.

"One female is missing! We don't hear her. We don't see her. Nothing," said the controlled but desperate voice of Jerry Cypert. He was describing the disappearance of Laura Putnam. A 9-1-1 call now four months old, but the memory of that night still irreconcilable. "I didn't want to forget it because I wanted to remember Laura, but forget the pain of what happened," said Cypert.

Major Break in Laura Putnam Case
Authorities in charge of the fatal Lake LBJ boat crash that killed Texas Tech graduate, Laura Putnam, last Memorial Day have made an arrest.
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What happened has been told time and again. A hit and run in the middle of lake LBJ. "Where did the boat go?," asked the 9-1-1 operator. "He stopped and then he drove off," responded Cypert. "They went over our boat, circled around to the opposite side, stopped for a second, and when we yelled for help they drove off," elaborated Cypert.

Laura's body was missing for two weeks. The driver of the other boat in hiding for four months. "I'd like to put a picture to the face, I haven't seen any pictures of the guy."

Robert Napier Corrigan III holds the face he's been waiting to see. Arrested Wednesday. The gravity of his alleged deed and his subsequent silence, lost on Jerry Cypert. "I don't know how you could sleep at night knowing that he was driving the boat whenever that happened, and not ever say anything to anybody," puzzled Cypert.

Cypert is intent on attending the trial, eager to participate. The fate of Robert Corrigan III? Described by Jerry Cypert in biblical terms. "For lack of better words... reap what he sows," he said.

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