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Levelland day care center under investigation for abuse


The Levelland Police Department is investigating a South Plains day care center after they received two complaints of abuse on Thursday. Two reports obtained by KCBD NewsChannel 11 state that a day care center is being investigated for sexual abuse as well as a separate incident for injury to a child.

The sexual abuse complaint states that the parents of a three year old boy would hear their son "waking up during the night yelling the name of one of the employees at the daycare center," for the last 3 weeks. The child told his parents that the daycare employee was "hurting him" and the parents later examined their son and found evidence of sexual abuse.

The injury to a child complaint states that another employee at the same day care center "tied a two year old boy's feet down with duct tape so the child could not take off his shoes." The report continues, that the two year old's "legs were still red in the morning" from where the duct tape was.

No charges have been filed, but officials say Child Protective Services is involved in the investigation. We will continue to follow this investigation and bring you more information as it develops. 

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