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The Mystical Maroon Monster

Aerocare arrived within minutes. EMS, the Sheriff's department, all gathered around the docking slip at Buffalo Springs lake.

"We got a call that a truck rolled into the lake," said Shawn Summers. He was one of the first on the scene, assisting the local fire department. "I went in, I dove in, I couldn't see anybody," he said shivering.

Was it a suicide attempt? Was it a botched effort to steal the truck? Who's truck was it? All questions without answers as professional divers took over the scene. Gurgling eruptions on the surface of the lake, evidence of their investigation. Thankfully, the second sweep confirmed Shawn's findings. No bodies, just a strange truck 50 feet from shore.

"I got a call on my cell phone," said Rick Denzer. He's the father of 16-year-old Juanito - too shocked to talk on camera, studying with friends when police asked him if he knew where his truck was. "And he said,'You won't believe this, but Juanito's truck disappeared and a truck rolled down into the lake and they think it might be your vehicle," he said.

A vehicle with a mysterious history. "We gave it to him on his 16th birthday and he wrecked it two months later on Friday the 13th," laughed Rick. As the truck is hauled out, Rick confirms its color. "And it's maroon, but it stopped, it seems to be stuck on something," he said. "From what we saw of it looked nice," said the reporter. "Oh, it is, it's a very nice, clean truck, very clean right now," laughed Rick.

After a two hour swim, the truck is forced out of the water. But not without another twist. "You can't see it," said a meter-reader looking in an overgrown water meter hole. Even though our camera was pointed right at the action of the truck being pulled from the lake, the only thing on our tape was yesterday's footage about meter readers. "This hand-held computer beeped," said the man.

Then, suddenly, there it was. Magically on dry land. The truck's pride still intact. Just a trickle of water, not embarrassing torrents running out the doors. Is this the end of the Mystical Maroon Monster? Maybe. Maybe not. Dad has come to expect it. "But it's a nice day," he laughed.

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