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UPDATE: Stabbing victim will likely survive

Police responded to the report of a stabbing Saturday night near a Lubbock bar. A police report lists the victim as Aaron Don Rolen, 22, who had been taken from place of the incident to the Covenant Medical Center emergency room before officers arrived.

Police said in a written summary of the case that the stabbing took place outside the Silver Bullet Club located near 50th and Aberdeen.  However the owner of the Silver Bullet says the location was actually next door and she says her business was not involved.

The police report says Rolen was stabbed in the face, and the summary says the victim had "life threatening injuries"

A suspect in the case, Thao Tran, 35, surrendered to police Monday.

UPDATE: Lubbock police report that Rolen saw Tran assaulting a woman, intervened, and got in altercation during which Tran stabbed Rolen in the face.

"When the victim was first taken into the hospital, it appeared to be very serious and life threatening due to the nature and position of the injury," said Sgt. Jonathan Stewart. "Once it was operated on and physicians were able to attend to him, it was determined it's likely that he will survive the injury."

Thao Tran is charged with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury.

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