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Consider This...Serious Questions about Lake Alan Henry


I have serious concerns over the entire Lake Alan Henry project, all the way back to its construction in 1993. To me , the idea of Lubbock building a lake in that spot as a water source was never fully thought through.

Here's why:

The lake is located off the caprock near Post, which is downhill from Lubbock. The cost to Lubbock taxpayers to build a pipeline from there is roughly $300 million. Then there will be the reoccurring costs to constantly pump that water uphill to the city. I'm told the cost to pump the water from Post will be enormous compared to what we currently pay. I'm also told that because of the high price, we will only pump a minimal amount.

So now we have a $300 million project that will have the side effect of giving us some of the highest water rates in the state … for very minimal water.

Consider this:

Having been handed a bad idea to build a lake in that location, the past several City Council's should have pulled the plug on this project and called that lake what it is: a recreational place for the family.

Instead we keep throwing good money after bad and asking the taxpayers and ratepayers to foot the bill. If you don't believe me, save your water bill this month and compare it to one in a couple of years.

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