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HealthWise at 5 From 10.6

  • Safer Hospitals

Increasing patient safety and care is the aim of hospitals across the country. Their role model? The airline industry. The American Hospital Association says that airlines implemented non punitive reporting systems so people would admit mistakes and improve overall service and safety. Similar efforts are being put to work in hospitals, with open reporting policies, patient suggestion boxes and computerized systems for lab and prescription orders.

  • Hug Away Stress

If the day ahead will be stressful, make sure you get in a hug beforehand. Researchers at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill say that loving contact, like hugging and holding hands, can give your heart protection. The study compared people who had the chance to hold hands and briefly hug their partner to a group that had no contact. Both groups then had to discuss a recent event that upset or angered them. The results? The hugging group's blood pressure and heart rate were significantly lower than the other group.

  • Blood Donor Tip

That woozy feeling some feel after donating blood can be avoided with a little advance preparation. The American Red Cross recommends drinking extra fluid prior to your blood donation appointment. Water or sports drinks win out over tea, coffee or other caffeinated beverages. By building a fluid volume, and have you feeling great about your life-saving gift.

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