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Tailgaters Leave Big Mess Behind

Rainfall early only compounded an existing problem near Jones SBC stadium. Tailgaters gathered there by the thousands for this weekends big game but their soggy mess literally -stuck around- well into Monday afternoon.

Being the first Big 12 home game of the season, tailgaters came out in big numbers. They started marking their territory early in the week, and by noon on Saturday thousands were in full swing. "We barbecued brisket, we had hamburgers, we had deer meat, dove and everything and then we went to the game," said Kayla Duncan, one Tech student.

After the A&M Game
With more than 51,000 fans in attendance at Jones SBC stadium, about 44 were arrested for public intoxication.
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But after the game, the mess still remained. The manager of Hastings said he spent more than three hours cleaning off his side of the parking lot. In the parking lot north of the stadium, you could see piles of trash, beer bottles and left over food. But all this trash doesn't just look bad and smell bad, it's also blocking parking spaces for Texas Tech students.

"I think people should have been more responsible in picking up their own trash. It's a little bit ridiculous what I saw this morning when I pulled up in the lot", Jeff Renegar, a Tech student said.

By late Monday things were under control. Texas Tech Grounds & Maintenance crew cleaned the campus. "Tailgating went very well, of course they had a longer period to tailgate which means you expect a bigger mess and it was a little more than we expected but nothing we couldn't handle," says Max Hinojosa, Vice President of TTU Operations.

And TxDot officials picked up the lot north of the stadium. "This never should've happened, ultimately the people using this property are guests and they should've picked up after themselves," said Penny Mason, TxDotPublic Information Officer.

In the end, all parties agree the mess could've been much worse.

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