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Sex Offenders Moving to Lubbock County to Save Face

Lubbock County officials say in the last couple of weeks, they have registered seven of the city's sex offenders. NewsChannel 11 talked with one of them who says he changed his address to move on with his life.

Last August, the city of Lubbock began airing the faces, names and addresses of more than 200 registered sex offenders on Cable Channel 2. "My daughter lives in Lubbock. I have a friend that lives in Lubbock. And when they (the city) started showing my face on TV, it hurt them more," said one sex offender who moved.

And that's why this John Doe has moved to the county. His face is no longer broadcasted. John Doe is one of seven city registered sex offenders that has moved to the county for that reason.

Lubbock Sheriff David Gutierrez says that brings the county's total to more than 60 sex offenders. "If they're moving out of the county, the public needs to know where they're living and what they look like," said Gutierrez on Monday.

Gutierrez and the city are actively working on televising county sex offenders on the city's cable channel. But for John Doe, he says its tough enough living with the mistake he made almost ten years ago. He was convicted for indecency of a 13-year-old female. "Well, I'll probably move out of Lubbock until there's no place to go. It's tough enough already," he said.

John Doe feels he can't move on with his life if the county starts putting his face on TV again. "I know I've done wrong, but I can't take it back. I can't. I'm just trying to live my life better now," he told NewsChannel 11.

"I don't mean to sound hard core, but I don't have sympathy for sex offenders. The public has every right to know where these types of people are living," said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez says broadcasting the faces of sex offenders is a public safety matter.

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