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Questionable Arrests at Texas Tech Game

Another A&M game, another controversy. Two years ago, it was the goal posts. This year, it's public intoxication. On Tuesday, more students came forward, claiming they were arrested unfairly, victims of overzealous, overly aggressive policing. That brings the total number of student complaints to 10.

The crowd was excited, but mild mannered in the stands. But it's what happened at the gates that's getting all the publicity. Police reportedly arrested students and fans as they entered the stadium if they appeared intoxicated.

The American Civil Liberties Union says that's aggressive, abusive policing. So, Lubbock ACLU President Harvey Madison says the ACLU is now investigating all 45 public intoxication arrests made at Saturday night's big game.

"We're wondering if administration instructed police to be this aggressive. It's understandable to have police protection, but this was an otherwise peaceful event. The police activity was the only kind of violence that occurred," says Madison.

One student says he witnessed another student being tackled by police, falling to the ground and then splitting his head open on the pavement. Others say they were singled out and arrested randomly.

However, a spokesperson with the Texas Tech PD says they have not received any formal complaints about police conduct Saturday night. Gordon Hoffman with the Tech PD says their officers acted responsibly and within reason.

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