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Gas prices in the Hub are less then average price of gas through the state

Drivers here in the Hub City are looking for the cheapest gas they can find over the holiday weekend. The cheapest gas was found at $3.48 at several locations. The average price of gas in town is $3.59.

Across the state, gas prices have dropped nine cents but are still about a dollar higher than last year's Memorial Day Holiday.

The average price of gas in Lubbock is still lower than the states average of $3.78. 

AAA says 35 million Americans will travel this weekend and nearly 31 million by car, but getting there, can be pricey.

"It's a little bit expensive, but not quite as much, they've come down in the past week," Lubbock resident, Chris Simms said.

While gas prices have gone down slightly in the South Plains, the national average for regular unleaded is now $3.81 a gallon. That's more than a dollar higher than a year ago when the average was $2.78.

Even the kids are noticing the price at the pump. "It's definitely less money for snacks," Daniel Simms said.

However, AAA says gas prices wont keep the public from traveling, "I guess the bottom line is that pain at the pump will not keep us at home during the holiday," AAA CEO, Bob Darbelnet said.

There are some ways to save yourself some cash by making preliminary checks.nats

"Well at $3.52 cents the tire pressure is very important for fuel economy," Bolton's GM, Darren Campbell said.

"Make sure to check your tires, don't forget to check your fluids and get your oil changed," Campbell continued. Sites like well tell you where the cheapest fuel is on your trip.

While the cost of traveling is on a lot of people's minds, DPS wants to remind everyone to put safety first.

Last year we wrote 6000 tickets , over 540 DWI's and over 1000 seatbelt violations. "DPS will have all troops out this weekend were encouraging everyone to click it or ticket," DPS Corporal John Gonzalez said.

Whether your staying in town or getting out of town -- just get their safely.

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