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Lubbock's Potential Water Problems Spark Conservation Measures

Right now Lubbock uses approximately 40 million gallons of water from Lake Meredith - and from wells in Roberts county each day. But with the possibility of losing Lake Meredith as a major water source, water conservation is becoming more important now than ever.

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City of Lubbock Water Utilities Education Coordinator, Gaylyn Chapman, says conservation starts with the number one and two water users in your house, the kitchen and the bathroom.

"The first thing you can do is go around your house and check for leaks. First this costs you money. Why do you want to pay for water you're not using?" says Chapman. Put an empty glass under a very slow leak and you'll see how fast a leak can build up.

Another kitchen culprit is your dishwasher, which, although convenient, uses on about 40 gallons per wash.

"So fill it up and then run it, that's the most effective use of water you can have," says Chapman.

Same with the washing machine, which can use 65 gallons a wash. Make sure you to do full loads and adjust the water level accordingly.

Now it's on to the bathroom, the number one water user. Tubs can hold between 40 and 80 gallons of water, so Chapman says cut down on those relaxing bubble baths.

"The other thing we don't think about is brushing your teeth. If you have a habit of [leaving the tap running] you are wasting about 2 gallons of water every time you brush," says Chapman.

And the sucking sound from your drain is not just water you're wasting, it's your money going down the drain.

You could also be washing water and money outdoors. Depending on the type of soil and grass you have, you may not know how much to water your lawn. A good rule of thumb is to place an empty tuna can under your sprinkler, when the can gets full, it's time to stop watering. Measure how long it takes for the can to fill up, but make sure to keep a close eye the placement of your sprinkler.

"When it starts running off the street that means it's running either too long or you've got too much water going on the ground," says Chapman.

You may already be aware of these tips, but Chapman adds that we should find out how much water we use first - and then determine where you can cut back.

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