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The Rug Gripper: Does It Work?

The Rug Gripper, your less expensive solution for the common slipping rug problem in your home. Most can run up to $30, but not this one, it's only $8 bucks. The claim is simple: holds rugs and mats in place with it's "loc-lift" secret. But does it work?

Joanna Moore work at Yates Carpet and has plenty of rugs for our test. First, we'll clean the floor. "The directions say to cut into strips to fit outline of rug or mat," said Joanna.

Joanna cut the strips and removed the backing. "OK, what did you think about the application?" said NewsChannel 11. "It's not sticking very well," she replied.

Joanna was still able to lay the rug on the floor. Now the test, Joanna tugged it once, twice. I did the shuffle, Joanna kicked the rug around. "What do you think?" NC11 said. "Well, it sticks to the floor and not too well to the rug," said Joanna.

We put a middle strip on the floor. Did that work any better? It did help keep the rug in place, but not completely. Joanna says since the strips stick to the floor, it may pull up varnish from your wooden floors. So it's your choice, but I'm going to say it works.

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