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Answering Migraine Questions

Most people just treat their own headaches and wonder if they're bad enough to be a migraine. But now, there is a surprisingly simple way to diagnose migraines.

It's a questionnaire called the ID-Migraine developed by Neurologist Dr. Richard Lipton and his colleagues. And it's just three questions.

  • First question:  During the last three months, have your headaches caused you to feel nauseated or sick to your stomach?
  • Second question:  Has light bothered you, a lot more than without your headaches?
  • Third question:  Have your headaches limited your ability to work, study, or do your daily activities for at least a full day?

"If you answered yes to 2 of the 3 questions, there's a 93% chance that if you saw a headache specialist, the headache specialist would think you had migraine," says Dr. Richard Lipton, neurologist.

Dr. Lipton also says that the reason you want to take these symptoms to a doctor is there are pretty good medications available now for migraines that can stop the pain or even prevent it when you feel one coming on.

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