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Adolescent Dieting

Remember adolescence? That awkward time when you just wanted to fit in, and to many, that means fitting into the same size your friends are wearing.

New research suggests the diet strategy in that pre-teen age group may backfire. This comes from a three year study of nearly 15,000 kids from age 9 to 14. The study in the Journal Pediatrics finds that across the board, the dieters gained more weight than those who didn't try to cut calories.

"The kids who are frequently dieting are also the ones who likely will be the ones not eating, not eating, not eating, and then pigging out," says Dr. Ellen Rome, Cleveland Clinic.

The researchers say binge eating may not be the only reason that adolesscent dieting backfires, but that it may also trigger changes in metabolism during that growth period. The journal adds it's important to note that the study did not include youngsters who were in medically supervised weight loss plans. Those can be very effective.

The problem comes when kids decide to diet on their own. So, if you think your child is cutting back on portions or skipping meals to lose weight, talk to your pediatrician to develop a healthy eating plan instead of what your teen is planninag on their own.

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