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Buy the Book "Big George", Help a Mother Who Loses a Child

It's every mother's nightmare, but a young woman in Muleshoe has found a way to turn this heartbreaking chapter in her life into a story of hope for others.

Many in the community of Muleshoe are grieving over the loss of Addison Shirl, but none more than the owners of the Catfish Cove. Mark and Jenna Jacoby, the parents to be, spent nine months making the nursery a work of art.

Jenna says that her sonogram was perfect. The heart rate was good and she had very good prenatal care, nothing was wrong.

Addison was born a healthy 7 lbs., 9 oz. but something was wrong. She couldn't breathe on her own. Jenna says that she might have had a stroke in utero. Something caused her blood circulation to be cut off that stopped her brain from developing.

Doctors know that now, but it was more than two weeks before Addison was well enough to even test for brain activity, 19 days before Mark and Jenna were faced with the decision to take her off the ventilator.

Jenna says that it was the worst day of her life. Addison died at 1:43 a.m., the same time on the clock that she came into this world 19 days earlier.

Actually, this is where Addison's story begins.

Nine nurses from the Children's Hospital at UMC attended the funeral 70 miles away.

The nurses gave Jenna a book called Big George and she stayed up until 2:00 in the morning reading the book that changed her entire outlook.

Big George is the autobiography of an angel, the story of a preemie who describes his brief life on earth, just 21 days.

Jenna says that Addison was her Big George. She has changed their lives forever. She made more of an impact in 19 days than some people make in 90 years.

Now, Jenna sees Addison as the little angel who came to spread the word about Big George. She says that losing a child for a mother is the most painful thing she will ever go through in her life and she wants to make sure every mother in the pediatric unit, that loses a child, to get this book to let them know that there is hope, that life does go on and that your child wants your life to go on.

Here is where you can help. Jenna has organized Addison's Book Fair this Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Barnes and Noble. That's when you can buy a copy of Big George for $13.95 and sign a voucher which will send that book to the Children's Hospital at UMC as a gift to any mother who loses a child.

Barnes and Noble is also giving a percentage of the proceeds from Big George sales to the Children's Miracle Network. Look for the Big George display, in honor of little Addison.

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