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Countdown to Krispy Kreme Grand Opening Well Underway

The biggest traffic jam in Lubbock tomorrow will be right here around 5:30 in the morning. That's when the anticipation will turn into sweet success as Krispy Kreme opens its doors and Lubbock police will be on hand for donut damage control.

Donut lovers beware of long lines and large crowds Friday. The countdown to Krispy Kreme is underway and Lubbock police are making sure the morning donut jam is under control. 

"We're gonna have 3 officers. They'll be on site from 5:30 am until midnight," says Captain Richard Foster of the Lubbock Police Department.

It might sound a little ironic but all jokes aside, the officers were hired by Krispy Kreme for crowd control. 

"I think your modern day police officer doesn't care much for donuts anymore but I'm sure that the officers will be the recipients of a few jokes," says Foster.

And if you plan on being first in line, Trintiy Christian High students Tyler Hill and Daniel Worth have already beat you to it. They've been camped outside the front door doing their homework and sleeping in this tent since Tuesday night.

"The weather was good but the ground is not," says Hill.

 They say it may sound a little crazy to camp out for this, but add Krispy Kremes are not your average donuts.

"I've always liked krispy kreme better," says Hill.

But you won't see Daniel devouring any donuts.

"I never eat donuts. I'm not really a big fan of doughnuts," says Daniel.

But manager of Krispy Kreme says it's the fans that brought it here in the first place.

"We are very excited, just the fact that we are able to come to this part of Texas and provide this product for everybody," says manager of Krispy Kreme, Steve Walton.

And Lubbock donut shops, we spoke with don't feel threatened by Krispy Kreme's competition, in fact they welcome the sweet attention they're bringing to a morning must have.

"Even though Krispy Kreme is here, the people have a choice and they should choose for the best," says manager of Donut Depot, Mitzi Cook.  Once again krispy kreme opens at 5:30 tomorrow morning. But get here early if you want to be among the first to sink your teeth into 16 different varieties of doughnuts. 

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