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Krispy Kreme Attracts Lines of Traffic

The doors opened at 5:30am, where one long line had already formed. Another began at the drive-thru, and continued as cars wrapped their way around the store and down the street.

It was a battle to satisfy that sweet tooth. "How long did you have to wait in line?" "About an hour," said one woman waiting in her truck.

"My first one!" said another excited patron.

Lines of vehicles already parked in the drive-thru at 5am Friday morning. Lines of people itching to walk in and sink their teeth into a melting pot of dough. And Lubbock Police there to keep the traffic just as sweet. "There's a crew of three directing traffic," Sergeant Frank Picon, LPD.

"When we opened up in Oklahoma City, there was a mile long line of cars. But that's because there's a million people living there. I think the turn out this morning was great. We have hired officers to help the flow of traffic," said Richard Clements, a franchise partner.

Traffic for the most part has been flowing well. However, police believe there might be a problem with the front exit and entrance with it being so close to the Quaker intersection. So, the best way to enter the drive-thru, is to exit Quaker, take a left on 72nd Street, and a left on Peoria Avenue, then turn into the drive-thru.

"I think there's going to be a lot of wrecks of people coming off of Quaker and on to the access road," said one man waiting in line.

Sergeant Picon says police officers will be directing traffic at Krispy Kreme for however long they are needed.

But, traffic or not, still sweet and warm things come to those who wait. Krispy Kreme will remain open until midnight and reopen again tomorrow at 5:30am.

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