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Speeder Destroys Home

An 82-year-old Lubbock woman is thankful she wasn't home last night, when the driver of a pickup truck ran through her house.

It happened early this morning in the 2500 block of 36th Street and according to police racing speeds was the likely cause.

Around 2:30 Friday morning, 19-year-old Janie Reyna was traveling South on University, when she lost control of her pick up truck, hit a stop sign, jumped a curb, and then ran through a woman's house.

"I saw the lights and about three police cars and fire trucks and I didn't know what happened so I told my wife I'm gonna go see what happened", Robert Narvaiz, the neighbor said.

Robert Narvaiz went outside, only to find the home of his neighbor of more than 30 years, had been destroyed.

"I saw a red pickup all the way inside the house and it kinda freaked me out. And I said I'm glad that lady wasn't inside the house", Narvaiz said.

The woman who lives here was spending time with her daughter in Brownfield.

"Lubbock Police called around three this morning and said a truck had run into my mother's house. I envisioned a little dent on the far side over there but when we got here I was really shocked. It's unbelievable, the whole living room is gone. Just wiped out. I was really glad she was in Brownfield instead of here", Beverly Titus said.

The living room and garage look destroyed but they won't know the level of loss until they go through all the mess, but some things are already obvious losses.

"It just looks like everything is gone, all the things I remember being here as a kid are gone or in pieces, some of the paintings my dad painted are torn apart. It's a mess", Beverly Titus said.

More than lifetime of memories, lost in just seconds.

The family's insurance company boarded up the house today, but they are still waiting to find out if the house can be repaired or if it's a total loss.

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