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HealthWise at 5 From 10.13

  • Bladder Test

A urologist can check for cancer by using a scope to look inside the bladder and by sending urine off to a lab to look for suspicious cells, but neither test is perfect. Now, the FDA has approved an additional test that may provide a stronger yes or no when doctors are looking for bladder cancer. It's called simply The Bladder Check and it's much like a home pregnancy test because a pink line in a certain area indicates a positive test. But The Bladder Check is intended to be used in the doctor's office, not to replace the scope, but to be used in addition to other tests.

Doctors say the number one sign of bladder cancer is blood in the urine, but anything resembling a bladder infection that doesn't clear up with treatment should also be checked. The number one risk factor for bladder cancer, by the way, is smoking. The theory there is that carcinogens in smoke are eventually excreted in urine but may transform bladder cells into cancer cells along the way.

  • Broken Heart

There is new evidence that the pain of a heartbreak is very real. According to a UCLA study, social rejection, such as the end of a relationship, triggers the same part of the brain that responds to physical pain, suggesting that patients trigger the same brain reaction after a recent breakup as they would after being punched in the gut or poked in the eye. Researchers say that when exclusion or rejection happens, the brain considers it a threat to our survival and something that can physically hurt us. Researchers stress this doesn't mean that a broken arm feels exactly the same as being rejected, just that the brain sets off the same alarm system for both kinds of distress. The study is published in the Journal Science.

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