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Big George Took Barnes and Noble by Surprise

Big George took Barnes and Noble by surprise this weekend. Mark and Jenna Jacoby of Muleshoe say thank you.

We shared their story last week on HealthWise.

Buy the Book "Big George", Help a Mother Who Loses a Child
It's every mother's nightmare, but a young woman in Muleshoe has found a way to turn this heartbreaking chapter in her life into a story of hope for others.
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Their little girl, Addison, died 19 days after she was born at UMC this summer. Remember, Jenna told us the only thing that has given her hope through this devastating loss was a book the nurses gave her called Big George.

Jenna says that she wants to make sure that any mother that loses a child can get this book to let them know that there is hope, that life does go on and your child wants your life to go on.

So, Barnes and Noble held a book fair this weekend in which folks could purchase that book to be given to others at UMC who suffer the loss of a child.

Well, 468 copies of Big George were sold in honor of little Addison and the folks at Barnes and Noble turned around and donated $1,200 from the book sales to the Children's Hospital at UMC.

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