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Muleshoe in Shock Over Triple Homicide

Bailey Co. Sheriff's Dept. Bailey Co. Sheriff's Dept.

"The entire community is in shock," said Victor Leal. As the mayor of Muleshoe, it's Leal's job to know his constituents, but when the town population is just over 4,000, constituents are also known as friends. "Actually, they were all good friends of ours," he said, referring to the victims of a triple homicide and the man who allegedly committed the act.

That a homicide, let alone three of them, could take place in this tight knit community has Muleshoe in a daze. Everyone knows everyone else. Even the EMT who responded to the scene, went to the prom with one of the sons of Larry and Rhonda Kitchens. When he arrived at the scene, he ran to her, hugged her, and asked, "Is my mom dead?"

"Everyone is taken aback," said Marshall Stinnett. He's the general manager of the Muleshoe Journal. "I'm sure that this community has never had a triple homicide before," he said.

"Everybody that's come in has been talking about the murders," said Pat Young. At the Family Hair Salon, Young recalled working with murder victim Rhonda Kitchens. "She was a wonderful person. She really was, she became an instructor at a beauty salon," she said.

As to why Larry Kitchens allegedly shot his ex-wife and two other men, no one is able to grasp. "He could be described as a good guy," said the Mayor.

Tonight, Kitchens sits in a jail cell, while the town turns to a higher power for answers. "Hopefully, like I say, that God 's comfort will be with the families that were affected by this," said Leal.

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