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Combest Goes Back Into Public Service

"If we can talk about various things in terms of general rather than issues, I don't think we ought to debate issues," said former congressman Larry Combest.

"Combest is joining me on Tuesdays until the end of time, right Larry?" said morning AM Radio Talk Show Host, Jane-Prince Jones.

Larry Combest is discovering a whole new world outside of politics. He's getting into radio. "What we want to do is educate people on how they can make government work for them and how they can be a part of it," said Combest.

When you take more than 18 years in Washington and put that knowledge on radio, you have a question and answer session for two hours. "He can explain the process that goes on in the legislature or congress and why it happens a certain way because he's now no longer trying to get everyone's vote," said Jones.

On Combest's first day, not many callers. Just three. Including one from Randy Neugebauer. "I was calling and listening to you guys today and wanted to let everyone know he's quite the fly fisherman. I wanted to find out what his best fly was when he goes fly fishing," said Neugebauer over the phone. "Those aren't secrets you normally divulge on air," answered Combest.

But all jokes aside, Combest did give NewsChannel 11 his perspective on redistricting and how Democrat Congressional Rep, Charlie Stenholm and Republican Congressional Rep, Neugebauer will have to face off for District 19. "Regardless of how that election turns out, that will be one less voice speaking for agriculture. I found in Congress there's not a lot of people who have agriculture as their number one priority. So, we need all the help we can get," Combest says.

You can catch Combest on the Jane Prince-Jones show, Tuesday mornings at six on AM 790 KFYO.

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