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The Sticky Mitt: Does it Work?

When you're not looking your pet goes places he's not supposed to go. Case in point, my dog Willis loves the couch but he leaves a hairy mess behind. It drives me crazy and my roommate I'm sure. For 69 cents, that's right 69 cents(sale price of course), you can buy this number one lint remover called The Sticky Mitt. It apparently has a revolutionary adhesive that you can peel off or rinse off, but Does it Work?

We lift the pet hair in no time with this mitt you can wear. So I gave the couch a couple of pats. After a few go around with the mitt it was filthy. Now let's go wash it and see if we can re-use it again. Using a bit of soap a warm water - the mitt came clean just like that.

After giving the mitt a little scrub of it's own, the directions say to pat it dry with a paper towel. It's sticky again let's go try it one more time. So I did and soon enough...the mitt became dirty again. So I washed it off and kept going.

I got six uses out of one mitt. The package says I can use it up to eight times but I was tired of cleaning. One thing I didn't like was having to go back and keep washing it. But for the price I paid, I could just peel off a fresh layer. It does come with 30 adhesive layers. This product made me happy and Willis one lucky dog.

The sticky mitt works!

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