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Pest Control Services

GPCSI can take care of any pest problem that you may have. We offer a variety of services from simple general pest control treatments to specialty treatments such as Brown Recluse spider or Scorpion treatments.

  • General Pest Control
    Spray inside baseboards, 2 ft band outside house perimeter and water meter.
    Aids in control of sugar ants, silverfish, earwigs, pill bugs, oriental roaches and some spiders.

    Roach Baiting for German Roaches
    Bait placed in strategic locations and helps to eliminate German roaches for an extended time frame.
  • Power Spraying
    Spray of a 10 ft band around the outside of a home or building for greater control of insects entering the structure.
  • Mouse Control
    Traps, glueboards, baiting or a combination of these.
  • Dusting Service
    Dusting is a long lasting method of controlling roaches and other crawling insects.

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Pest Control Services

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