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Heat exhaustion threat rises with triple-digit temperatures


With triple-digit temperatures expected for the South Plains, experts say it's important to keep cool, and the number one tip from Emergency Medical Services is to keep hydrated. 

Senior EMS Randy Raedeke says folks need to make sure to drink water when they're out in the heat, and the key is to drink before you feel thirsty.

"The thing is, you've got to stay ahead. Don't wait until you're feeling symptoms of heat exhaustion," Raedeke said. He says those most at risk from heat-related illnesses are the young and elderly. 

Those who have to be outside should wear loose and light-colored clothing, take lots of breaks and find a place to cool off.  "Stay inside where there's air conditioning and try go out only when its cool outside, in the early morning or evening," Raedeke continued. 

Symptoms of heat exhaustion include cramps, dizziness, excessive perspiration and a fast heart rate. This is when you need to get to a cool place fast and drink some water.

The third stage is heat stroke. That's when a person has an extremely high body temperature, turns red in color, stops sweating, and begins acting confused or agitated. If this happens, take immediate action and call 911, Raedeke said.

"The best prevention is to just stay cool and stay indoors, but if you have to go out, try to leave the house in the early morning or late afternoon hours," Raedeke said.

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