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HealthWise at 5 From 10.17

  • Prescription Drug Addiction

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is not alone in his struggle with prescription addiction. An estimated 11 million people in America are said to abuse prescription drugs. For Limbaugh the problem was Oxycontin, a powerful opium-like medication commonly prescribed for chronic pain.
Addiction Specialist Marino Carbonell says that once a person becomes addicted to this, they can't be without it. After eight or nine hours of their last dosage, they will start feeling withdrawal symptoms very similar to those people that experience heroin withdrawal.
Carbonell says most prescription drug abuse involves painkillers. In the past decade the number of pain killer prescriptions has shot up 500%. As for Rush Limbaugh, he's trying to take control of an out of control need for pain killers by checking himself in to a rehab center to break this addiction.

  • Baby Flu Vaccine

Next year, babies will need to add one more vaccine to that long list of immunizations they need at a young age. And the new requirement will be a Flu shot between the ages of six months and two years. That's the decision from a panel of experts for the Centers for Disease Control, which voted unanimously to recommend the Flu vaccine for babies. Up until now, parents were simply "encouraged" to get flu shots for their babies. But the panel says these little people are among the highest risk of serious complications from the Flu.
So in addition to requiring the Flu shot for them, the CDC says anyone who lives with a baby in the house, needs to protect that child by getting a Flu shot of their own.

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