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Sales Tax Increase Proposition Receives Criticism

Democrats called the proposed sales tax increase an "economic assault" on Lubbock middle class families. They spoke about it during a news conference they held Friday. After that was done, they headed over to where supporters were holding a news conference two hours later. Those in opposition picketed to get their message across.

Lubbock citizens outraged by the sales tax increase proposal calling it skewed and misleading and the want that to be known. "If they get the tax break this year what happens next year when the Lubbock County Appraisal District raises the county of Lubbock?" said one man against the increase.

"The mayor who proposed a solution to the property tax problem of the wealthy corporations and individuals, is a major beneficiary of this shift of the tax burden onto those less able to pay. This is a conflict of interest," said Democratic Chairwoman Irma Guerrero.

The issue has gone back and forth all day Friday, "We think the group today is wrong. With the economic development initiative, more jobs will be created and everyone benefits," said Progress Lubbock committee member, David Seim.

"Most of us have bigger families and we're going to have to cough up a little bit more," said Isabel Luna, against the increase.

"We've had the West Texas Municipal Power Agency scandal, the Lubbock Power & Light scandal. We cannot give an administration any more funds that has had such a horrible record in spending your tax money," said Guerrero.

Seim doesn't agree with that, saying, if the sales tax is passed, Market Lubbock Inc will become a state regulated 4A corporation. It will be held more "accountable for their spending," Seim said.

There's several sides of the sales tax increase proposal to examine. One says it will lower property taxes. The other side says "an increase in sales tax is a temporary fix for a long term problem," said Guerrero.

We mentioned a 3/8 cent sales tax went to voters in 1998. The results of that election where 10,586 FOR and 17,988 AGAINST.

However, that election had nothing to do with lowering your property taxes. Early voting begins Monday.

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