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Lubbock Accident Fatalities Reach 24

"I don't know where the truck came from," said Velvet Keys. At 1:20 Friday afternoon, Lubbock's traffic fatality rate increased by one. "We are now at 24," said Captain Richard Foster.

The location, MLK and Slaton. The scene, a semi truck propelling a chevy cavalier 50 yards. "He was asking about his passenger, but we wouldn't let him know he was dead," said witness Velvet Keys, recalling the disjointed ramblings of the driver inquiring about his friend. Her take on who was to blame? The trucker. "He ran the red light, because the car had the green light," she said.

"All of a sudden I heard a boom!," said Guadalupe Gonzalez. For him, fault lied elsewhere. "So you think it was the car's fault?," he was asked. "Yes," he replied.

The impact so severe, it took fire fighters 22 minutes to extricate the body. Speed a common thread in Lubbock's fatalities. "Consistently, we see high speed and sometimes alcohol involved in these types of accidents," said Captain Foster.

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