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Food for Thought 6/9/11 Report

In this week's Food for Thought, there is only one low performer, but let's start at the top.

Four restaurants served up plates of perfection this week, and for one spot, it was their first time at the top.  "Its always nice to have someone come in and say yes you're following the rule = this was an excellent inspection, Celebration Catering Owner Jo Vaughan said. 

Don't let the sign fool you, My Lips are Sealed is now Celebration Catering. They're waiting on their sign and have been serving up family favorites for five weeks now.  Paying attention to health codes is what put them at the top.

The 2nd top performer is good for those who are indecisive.  Catalina's Restaurant at 1519 34th street serves up American favorites and traditional Tex-Mex with perfection. 

Chili's Bar and Grill at 5805 Slide Road aced their inspection as well.

If you're in a hurry, Pete's Drive-In at 1636 13th Street bagged a perfect score.

Now to this weeks only low performer.  Charismar, inside the Flea Market, at 2323 Avenue K came out with 11 critical violations.

  • Sliced tomatoes and cooked chicken were not at the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Two containers of beans had to be thrown out, because they were not at the safe hot temperature of 135 degrees.
  • The inspector observed employees washing their hands in a bowl of cloudy water; this is not the proper hand washing technique.
  • Employees were bare handed when handling gorditas.
  • Beans, chicken, carne asada and guisada were all made at home and discarded by the inspector on site.
  • Hot and cold water were not available in the hand sink.
  • Ants were on a storage prep table around food scraps.
  • A spray bottle of cleaner was on a table used for counter service.
  • There was no thermometer in the reach in cooler.
  • Food contact surfaces were dirty: a crusted grater and cutting board were stored in a drawer, and food debris in storage and on a prep table were attracting ants.
  • There was no Heimlich maneuver poster.
  • The inspector says all violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.
  • Charismar is using a temporary hand washing sink until an approved water supply is set up.
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