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HealthWise at 5 From 10.20

  • MRI For MS

Patients with Multiple Sclerosis commonly have to wait for a confirmed diagnosis after several signs of the disease show up. Now a new guideline could reduce that wait and allow for earlier treatment. The American Academy of Neurology says that a single MRI of a patient's brain and spinal cord can provide enough information about lesions, or damaged areas, indicating possible disease. If the MRI reveals three or more lesions in the brain's white matter, the AAN says the patient has an 80% likelihood of developing MS.

  • UB Talker

It might look like a laptop computer, but this device, programmed by college students, is helping disabled kids and adults communicate. Students from the University at Buffalo created the UB talker, a phrase and word-speaking computer. The intuitive communication device not only lets a user spell words, but it saves often used phrases. That means just a few touches to the screen can let others know what's next on the agenda. The UB talker is being tested at non-profit organizations in Buffalo.

  • Bladder Safety

Urologists have some traveling advice for all of us: take a bathroom break before heading anywhere in your car. Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern say a full bladder increases the risk that your bladder could be injured or even ruptured during a car accident. They say pressure from incorrectly placed seatbelts contributes to the risk, but it's compounded with a full bladder. So, in addition to buckling up with the lap belt low and across the hips, take a potty break before you drive to the store.

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