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Road Work Creating Dangerous Intersections Near Shallowater?

Within the past six months, more than 20 accidents have occurred at the intersections of US 84 and Avenue L and US 84 and Loop 388.

"Right now, we're working on eastbound lanes and we just have the westbound lanes open. The roadwork at US 84 is part of a $14 million rehabilitation project," said Penny Mason, TXDOT Public Information Officer.

"What has been happening is that people have typically crossed at this intersection and they're used to looking one way and they're not used to looking both ways, because now traffic has been reduced to two lanes -- so we're having some accidents," said Mason.

She also says one option is to shut down the intersections for one year, until the project is complete.

"The drivers will have to go to 2528 and come around to intersect with US 84, so it won't be near as convenient," said Mason.

That inconvenience is upsetting to some Shallowater residents.

"They just have to pay attention, most of the people who have wrecks here aren't from here. We've gone through this before and it wasn't that bad," said one Shallowater driver.

The meeting will be held in the Shallowater ISD Board Room Monday evening at 7:00. Officials urge you to come and voice your opinion.

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