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String of vehicular arson in one Lubbock neighborhood

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock Fire Marshal's Office is investigating three vehicle fires within a two block radius of the Guadalupe neighborhood. They believe the fires were set intentionally. One vehicle was a total loss. There is nothing left of the steering wheel, and the seats are completely stripped. Before last night, the truck was out on the road. Early Saturday around 2 AM, firefighters say someone intentionally set three vehicles in the neighborhood on fire.

"Something you'd never think would ever happen to you, when it does, it hits hard" Chris Mojica says standing in front of his father's melted, burned truck. "It really looked like it was a tornado coming out of the truck; I mean that's how bad it looked" Mojica says. The flames spread to a tree, but because of Mojica's efforts, it went no further.

"It was a good running truck; my dad had it for many years" Mojica says. His father spent his spare time fixing what is now a completely destroyed truck. "It was his pride and joy, he's trying to stay strong trying to work through it" Mojica says about his father's loss. Financing the loss isn't the only burden the flames left behind.

"It was hard to go back to sleep last night worrying that it might happen again" Mojica says, shocked that something like this could happen right outside his bedroom. He's not the only one. The Fire Marshal's Office says it happened to two other vehicles, in less than thirty minutes. They believe that someone intentionally set the fires.

"It was really scary for the whole family."  Mojica says about Saturday morning's events. While the truck is a total loss, Mojica is thankful his family and his neighbors are safe. "It was sitting in the driveway, if it had been any closer to the house, I'm sure it would have gotten to the house" he says.

Investigators say those targeted appear random. They tell us they have identified one possible suspect, but no arrests have been made. The investigation will continue.


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