Plum Barbecue Sauce
1  can (16 1/2 oz) purple plums, drained 
1  can (6 oz) frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed 
1/4  cup butter or margarine 
1  small onion, finely chopped (1/4 cup) 
1/4  cup chili sauce 
1  tablespoon Dijon mustard

Apricot-Rosemary Salsa
1  can (5 1/2 oz) apricot nectar 
1/2  cup chopped dried apricots 
1  tablespoon chopped shallot 
3  medium plum (Roma) tomatoes, chopped (3/4 cup) 
2  teaspoons chopped fresh or 1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary leaves, crumbled 
1  teaspoon lemon juice 
1/8  teaspoon ground cinnamon 
1/8  teaspoon ground ginger 
2  tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

1/2  lb boneless beef sirloin steak, cut into 1-inch cubes 
1/2  lb boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch pieces 
1/2  lb Italian sausage links (or smoked sausage such as kielbasa), cut into 1-inch pieces 
3/4  lb uncooked large shrimp in shells, thawed if frozen 
16  small new potatoes, cooked until tender (about 15 minutes) 
16  fresh whole mushrooms 
3  medium zucchini or yellow summer squash , cut into 1-inch slices 
1  bell pepper, cut into 1-inch pieces 
1  large onion, cut into 24 pieces or 24 pearl onions 
 Italian dressing


1.In blender, place plums and lemonade concentrate. Cover and blend on medium speed until smooth; set aside. In 2-quart saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Cook onion in butter about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally, until tender. Stir plum mixture and remaining sauce ingredients into onions. Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer uncovered 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

2.In 2-quart saucepan, mix apricot nectar, apricots and shallots. Heat to boiling over medium heat; reduce heat. Simmer uncovered 3 to 5 minutes or until most of nectar is absorbed. Stir in remaining salsa ingredients except parsley; heat through. Stir in parsley.

3.Heat coals or gas grill for direct heat. Thread 4 or 5 meat pieces alternately with potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, bell pepper and onion on each of 8 large (15-inch) or 16 small metal or bamboo skewers, leaving space between each piece.

4.Cover and grill kabobs over medium heat 10 to 15 minutes, turning and brushing 2 or 3 times with dressing, until meats are done. When done, beef, chicken and sausage are no longer pink in center and shrimp are pink and firm. Serve kabobs with warm or cold sauce and salsa.