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Lubbock Voters Take to the Polls

Polls opened on Monday morning at 8:00 at some places and 10:00 at other polling locations. So how do Lubbockites feel about this proposed sales tax increase to offset property taxes and to create money for economic development?

Early Voting Locations for Sales Tax Special Election
Check out the early voting locations for Lubbock's Sales Tax Special Election.
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Monday was the first day for early voting. "I own my home and I don't want that to go up anymore," said one woman. "I think it's the only true way to collect taxes. Everyone pays," said another voter.

"Property tax savings. I think that's a big plus about it," said one man. "I don't mind paying a little bit more. I think it will be great for economic development. That's the way I feel," said another man.

"To me, sales tax is the fairest tax," said another voter we talked to. "Well, the way I feel about it is if it helps us on our property taxes I'm for it," said another woman.

Sales Tax Increase Voters Ballot
Read the exact wording on the Sales Tax Increase Ballot.
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Only a couple of people opposed the idea of raising the sales tax by three eighths of a cent. Surprisingly, we bumped into a few young voters this afternoon. "I don't mind paying more in sales tax to lower property tax. It affects everyone, I don't own, but the increase is not enough to really make a difference," said one young woman. Even Mayor Marc McDougals's daughter Tara voted. "My dad says it's important to vote and that's why I'm voting," said Tara McDougal.

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