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Lubbock Market Street unveils horse parking post


Long before there were cars to get us around town, the only means of transportation were horses.  For some Lubbock residents that is still how they would prefer it.

Lubbock residents Carl Tepper and John Barber both often ride their horses instead of using cars. "There is just something very therapeutic about riding the horse around town," Barber said. "I ride down here about a half a mile to the Market Street to get coffee or a salad every Saturday," Tepper said.

Carl Tepper rides to the Market Street on 98th and Quaker so often that one day he jokingly asked United Supermarkets to put a hitching post in so he could have somewhere to tie his horse.

"Tying my horse to a tree wasn't working, so I said you know I really could use a horse parking spot and United called me a few weeks later and said were working on your post," Tepper explained.

After a few meetings on how to make it work and where to put the post, it was installed.

"We are thrilled to be able to accommodate the horsemen of our community and hopefully its just a great example of our great service that we try to provide for our customers," United Director of Communications Eddie Owens said.

The post sits on a grassy area near the pharmacy side of the Market Street Supermarket on 98th and Quaker with a sign that reads "Horse Parking Only."

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