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Vending Machines Offer Students Healthier Options

A lot of people said this wouldn't fly, but students are buying it after all. High school students in a suburb of Providence, Rhode Island are the first in the nation to try healthy vending machines in school. That means instead of chips and candy, these are filled with organic or soy milk, yogurt, power bars and leather fruit.

Madeline Perreault, principal, says that the machine has sold out almost every day. They have been on the phone to get the supplier to fill the machine. The machine is popular and the students are using the product.

This didn't happen overnight. The success of these healthy vending machines is credited to some good planning by a school committee. Before the machines were installed, those students put up clever posters around the school to promote new healthy machines on the way and promising good stuff to come.

It has been a huge success, especially among the athletes. So far, healthy vending machines are either in place or in the planning stages in schools in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and California. But they're not in Texas yet.

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