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City reminds residents to conserve water

With no rain in sight, people in Lubbock are trying their best to keep their lawns green, but the city codes department reminds people that there are rules.

KCBD checked around the Hub City Thursday to see if people understand the restrictions. They apply only to folks using city water, not private wells.

We got the rules from the codes department and then scoured Lubbock neighborhoods to see how people followed them.

"Folks aren't supposed to water more than two times a week," code enforcement manager Stuart Walker continued. "[They're] not supposed to water more than an inch and a half per zone, and not supposed to water between the hours of ten in the morning and six at night."


Walker said those restrictions are for all types of outdoor irrigation, except by hand.

If you're watering your lawn or plants without the hose in hand, during the restricted hours, you're in violation. Walker says they issue a warning first.

"You know they'd much rather fix the problem that we point out to them then have us write them a ticket," Walker said. So far, Walker said everyone has been compliant. A ticket is a class C misdemeanor and could cost you up to $2,000.


During peak times we found 6 people using sprinklers, like Colton Lanier. He wasn't aware of the restrictions, so we filled him in.


"It's really not a big deal for me to do it when they want us to," Lanier said. "It was just me being unaware and turning it on."


Lanier immediately turned off the water; so did the other 5 people we saw. Only one of those was aware of the restrictions. She told us she wasn't going to be able to water for a few days.


"We understand that people want to keep their landscaping alive; but they need to understand that if this goes on long enough and we start impacting our daily water allotment, the stages could go up and consequences could be more severe," Walker said

Under this stage of the conservation plan you're still ok to wash your car or let your kids play in the water, according to Walker.


The department does go out to look for violations and urges citizens to help report incidents by calling 311.

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