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Beginning of the first National Roller Coaster Museum

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - More than eighty coaster-enthusiasts from the United Stated and Canada gathered in Plainview Saturday to take a look at the beginning of the first ever national rollercoaster museum. It sits right next to Larson International, a roller coaster manufacturing company that makes people shriek and scream in 35 different countries.

Larson International starts from scratch, making almost every piece of each ride.  "We paint most of the items in the paint booth and we have an over head pulley system where were able to roll the components out into this larger area and let the paint cure without handling it" Novotny says and explains that it takes his team around seventy days to complete a ride.

He surprised rollercoaster enthusiasts in town looking at how they are made, with a sneak peek. "It has never been open to the public as of yet" Novotny says.

"Making the first ever is, it's a real personal thrill for me" Jonathan Gordon, the brain power behind the new Mega Whirl ride. Gordon came up with the idea and worked with Novotny to see it come to life.

The crowd cheered as the ride ended, and if Gordon is lucky maybe it will end up alongside the legends in this museum. "Our purpose is to preserve the history of the amusement industry along with educating our local students" Novotny says about the beginnings of the museum.

The national rollercoaster museum is in the beginning stages. So far, it features a 1929 model of a Tilt-a-Whirl, which according to Novotny is an amusement park staple.

It's a small building with a large idea. Full of cars, tracks, and models that have made people smile and scream for more than eighty years. To donate to help the museum stay here on the South Plains, you can send it in to NRCMA, P.O. Bo, Arlington, TX 76005-5424, or you can visit their website at

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